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Springtime is just around the corner . . . or is it still months away? Predictions from meteorologists and your local health officials are constantly changing – along with your spring-break plans, work schedule, and gardening timeline. If you’re wondering how to be more productive at home (or simply stave off cabin fever), we here at the Makerspace are here to help. With just the internet and a base understanding of safety and security*, you can access hours of free entertainment, in-depth education, and powerful business tools – no wallet needed! Whether you’re lying low, starting a side-hustle, or just killing time, #freeresourcefriday will highlight free resources that can help you on your journey.

*First – you’ll need information on how to protect yourself from viruses. But wait, not that virus! While sanitizing keyboards, mice, monitors, trackpads, phones, tablets, handles, switches, buttons, and cords is in our workflow, we are not medical experts. And we’re sure you’re getting plenty of advice in that department already. But we do know how to warn you about computer viruses: “A good rule of thumb is to never download programs, apps, or attachments that you are not familiar with, are not expecting or don’t come from a trusted source, and never click on links you don’t recognize.” (source: Stay tuned for classes (at the Makerspace and online) about internet security, and for now, just stick to this rule if you’re unsure.

Secondly, let the fun begin with Tinkercad (, a free, easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics, and coding. From the great minds behind Autodesk and t, this program is all in-browser – you don’t need to download anything to start designing today! Even if you have 0 experience in C.A.D. programs (Computer-Aided Design), the intuitive interface makes designing 3D models a breeze, while still allowing for measurements as precise as 1/10th of a millimeter. You can import 2D designs, export 3D models, explore a library of other user’s designs, import into Minecraft, and much more.

Demo video:

Thanks for reading our first #freeresourcefriday post! If you have any interest in Tinkercad all-ages summer camps, 16y/o+ project-based classes, or help to find lessons online, shoot us an email at or call 307.254.9270.

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