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Maker of the Month

The Powell Makerspace is always looking for creative projects and there is a competition each month.  Enter projects for a chance to win a one month individual membership or the equivalent amounts of filament and time on the laser cutter.

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The Powell Makerspace holds many classes and events throughout the year for members and nonmembers alike.  Through our partnerships with the Park Country Library and Powell Valley Community Education we are able to over a wide range of classes ranging from project oriented classes to safety training on various equipment.  While we do have classes specifically geared toward kids, such as our Girls’ Makers Club and our Early Out Wednesday program, we also hold many classes oriented toward students of a wide age range.  Our hope is to provide programing that will teach something to people of all age groups and bring about inter-generation cooperation.

Many of our classes are provided in partnership with other organization, as such we ask that Powell Makerspace members sign up directly through the Makerspace and nonmembers to sign up through Powell Valley Community Education or the Park Country Library for their programing.

Other Makerspace Classes

Below are a list of classes that we have offered in the past, but are not currently being offered.  Let us know if you are interested in seeing any of these classes return! Email to be notified when the next offering of classes are known.


your own personalized pet or dog tag and etch it onto a colored aluminum tag Next Offering: TBD


Learn about why passwords matter, what is a strong password and how to create them and remember them more easily, what password managers are, and how to think about using them.

Max students: 20
Age: 12+


Customize tea towels for hostess gifts, customize your beach towels so they don’t get lost at the pool, or create a cute logo for your jacket this summer. Do this by learning how to digitize a (GIF/JPG/PNG) image for use on an embroidery pattern. This class focuses on the use of the software and the digitization process.

Max students: 10
Age: 14+
Date and Time: July 25th, 11am – 1:30pm


Once you have passed the 3D printer, use the 3D printer to print a whistle with no moving parts. Learn to find objects on Thingiverse or other online depositories and how to download and use them on a 3D printer. While they are printing, make an Altoids tin emergency candle, and an Altoids tin phone charger

Date: April 13th
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Supplies Fee: $7
Max: 15
Age: 12+


Once you have passed the 3D printer class, use the 3D printer after learning tinkerCAD to create a custom object. We will talk about mixing and pouring silicone to make your molds. Due to the time for the silicone to dry, we will not make the molds in class, but you will have all the information to complete your molds at home.

Supplies Fee: $0
Max: 9
Age: 10+
Next Offering: TBD


Users who have passed the laser 101/Laser Safety Course can take this informational course with some additional ideas on what they can do with the laser cutter. Next Offering: TBD


Class will cover what is a digital cutter, what it will cut, how to setup your document to design your cut, Designing your project, making your cut, weeding (removing your cut and the extra pieces from it), and apply your words on the wall. Supplies: $6
Max: 6 students
Age: 16+
Date: April 26th
Time: 10am – Noon
Instructor: Jeanna Merritt
Members: $0
Non-Members: $10


Learn what is different about the Kossel printer, what configuration settings to watch for, how to control it manually, what is different about your filament options, and other differences to be aware of. At the conclusion of the class, you can take and pass the Kossel 3D printer safety test. You are welcome to start a print of your PVC water stake, or come back at a time that is convenient to you.

Max students: 12
Age: 10+
Class Fee Non-members: $10
Supplies Fee: $3
Date and Time: TBD


Next Offering: TBD


After passing the laser safety class, you will realize that running the laser is the easy part. Use words and/or images to create unique and stunning plant markers for your garden, signs for food buffets, or gift tags.

Max students: 10
Age: 16+


Have you ever wanted to cover that old ugly table or make a wall hanging with glass and other found objects? Come learn about making custom mosaics. Adhesives and grouting will be covered and well as different material choices, designs, and layouts. This is a two part class. The first part will cover your design, layout options, materials, and adhesive choices. You can bring your completed or in progress work to the second part where we will cover grouting and sealing your mosaics. Student are responsible for bringing their own mosaic materials (glass, plates, found objects to class) and will purchase their adhesive and grout choices separately. Student have an option to purchase nippers or glass cutters or bring their own.

Max students: 15
Age: 10+


3D print a case then use an Arduino and servo to create your personalized fish feeder! Learn some Arduino programming and circuitry. Passing the 3D printer safety test is required prior to 3D printing your case. Use what you learn to customize and make a dog, cat, Guinea pig, rat, etc feeder

2 date series
Max students: 6
Age: 14+
Supplies Fee: $50


After passing the laser safety class, you will realize that running the laser is the easy part, coming up with the ideas is more difficult. Save yourself the time of hand cutting all your quilt shapes, but letting the laser do the cutting for you. Learn to design your shapes in InkScape so that you can cut anything you need, reliably and reproducibly.

Max Students: 15
Age: 16+
Supplies: $0

Next Offering: TBD



After passing the laser safety class, you will realize that running the laser is the easy part, coming up with the ideas is more difficult. Save yourself the time of hand cutting all your appliqué shapes, but letting the laser do the cutting for you. Bring in scanned images (GIF,JPG, PNG) of the projects you want to create, and learn to use InkScape to cut what you need, reliably and reproducibly.
Bring your own fabric to use and practice with.

Max students: 10
Age: 18+
Date and Time: June 8th, 10:30am – Noon


There are so many tools here at the makerspace to make cards out of it is just mind blowing!:

  • Stamps and stamp pads
  • Embossing tools and supplies
  • LEDs
  • Digital and laser cutters
  • Embroidery machine
  • etc

Supplies: TBD

Next Offering: TBD


We know you have mentioned it, the kids get all the fun, so this one is for you! Come take this six week class series to learn about programming a LEGO EV3 robot! This class is designed for the 18+ crowd and no previous experience is necessary. Each class is 1 ½ hours long and builds on the previous class material.

  • Class 1: What is programming?
  • Class 2: Build a robot
  • Class 3: Actions – Learn the basics
  • Class 4: Flow of Control
  • Class 5: Interacting with Sensors
  • Class 6: Data Operations and My Blocks

Max Students: 8
Age: 18

Supplies: $0

Next Offering TBD


Learn how to use the VCarve Pro to design a customized pattern for your corn hole game.  Students will first design the pattern, then use the CNC Router to carve out their design.

Max students: 6
Age: 18+
Supplies Fee: $75


Use an Arduino to create a plant moisture sensor. Have a LED light come on when your

Max students: 6
Age: 14+
Class Fee Non-members: $10
Supplies Fee: $40
Date and Time: TBD


You will learn how to operate Inkscape, a free graphics creation and editing software, which includes creating vector graphics (SVG files). This class will focus on creating a custom Settlers of Catan board. The class will include both the required materials in addition to some files created specifically for the class. The class does not include cutting out the board but the non-member class fee will include laser time, which can be used at a later date.
Students must pass the laser safety test to cut out the Settlers of Catan board. A laser safety class will be offered the following day to accommodate those that have not participated in the class.
Max students: 12
Age: 16+
Class Fee Members: Free
Class Fee Non-members: $10Supplies Fee: $10 (wood and stains)
Next offering TBD

To get on the list to be notified of the next offering, send email to