Laser Cut Art Demo with Jave Yoshimoto

This Monday, April 30th Jave Yoshimoto, Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Nebraska Omaha will be at the Powell Makerspace to give a demonstration of the technique he uses to create wonderful laser cut art.  Professor Yoshimoto has worked with Fablabs and Makerspaces in several locations to create relief laser cut sculptures.

Professor Yoshimoto presented an art show at Sheridan College earlier in April and is on his way to Jackson for an artist’s residency during the month of May.  He reached out to the Powell Makerspace and offered to make a detour to our space to show us how he makes such incredible works of art.

The demonstration will be from 4pm to 8pm, Monday April 30th and will guide students through his process of using photo editing software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to prepare files for the laser cutter.  

Assistant Professor Yoshimoto

Space will be limited so we encourage anyone who is interested to let us know by phone or email so we know you are coming!


Phone: 307-254-9270

We hope that Professor Yoshimoto and the knowledge he brings with him will inspire many artists our the community to make use of the Powell Makerspace’s resources and try their hand at these laser cut sculptures!

Work done by one of Professor Yoshimoto's Students, done in acrylic.

To see more of Professor Yoshimoto’s work, check out his website:

Update: Tests at the Powell Makerspace

Professor Yoshimoto has been preparing for tonight’s class at the Powell Makerspace and his work is stunning!  There are still a couple spots for this class where you can learn this process for yourself, so don’t hesitate to send a message or call to reserve your spot!

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