Makerspace Projects

There are always things to be done at the Powell MakerSpace.  If you don’t have a project in mind but want to get involved check out the listing of ongoing MakerSpace projects and head over to the Forum to see where how far along we are with them.

Kossel Construction:

We have two Kossel’s at the MakerSpace, but they are in need of some serious work.  One is under repair and the other is under construction.  These printers have a larger print volume and heated beds that would allow members to print larger pieces using a wider variety of filaments.  Get involved to learn the nuts and bolts of how 3D printers work.

Equipment Inventory:

Interested in helping out at the MakerSpace, but not wanting to dive in as deep as a technology based project?  Help us take an inventory of all of our equipment.  There is so much stuff that we need a comprehensive list to really know everything that we have, and what we might need.  Come and explore what the Powell MakerSpace has to offer while recording it so others can see everything we have to offer.

Security Cameras:

As the MakerSpace grows, it is important that we have camera’s up to make sure that if someone walks out with a piece of equipment, we are able to track it down.  We have been given a number of security cameras from the library when they updated their system and we need to get them set up around the MakerSpace.

Photo Studio:

In an effort to provide more informative and inviting pictures for people interested in classes at the MakerSpace, we are putting together a small photo studio in the laser room’s bathroom.  Help construct platforms and tables to go over the toilet and bathtub as well as hang a backdrop to provide a place nice photos can be taken for the website and our email blasts.

Virtual Tour:

The Powell MakerSpace is brimming with tools and resources for our members to use, however it is difficult to really know what we have to offer unless you come in and explore.  In an effort to make coming in a more enticing prospect, we want to create a virtual tour of the MakerSpace where various pieces of equipment are highlighted in short videos for our members to see.  Feel like you know the 3D Printers really well?  Make a 1-2 minute video in the space that lets people know just what you can do with them.

Second Router:

At the Powell Makerspace, we want to move one of the two routers we have downstairs to increase wifi signal below.  With the commercial kitchen kickoff not far away, having reliable wifi will be a major advantage.

Wood Lathe:

A while back a wood lathe was donated to the Powell MakerSpace.  We are in need of somebody to learn how to use it so that we can get a safety class made so that it can be available for all our members.


Website Maintenance:

The Powell MakerSpace’s change over to our current website requires much more attention than our previous, more static website.  If you are interested in what is involved with creating and maintaining a website, and would like to know how to use WordPress get involved with ensuring that our website is up to date for theit of members and visitors alike.