How To Turn Your Kitchen Talent Into A Thriving Business!

Bring all your questions on food regulations and best business practices for the food industry. Get answers from the experts! It
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How To Turn Your Kitchen Talent Into A Thriving Business!

Success: Powell Makerspace Open House

https://youtu.be/o53GWh3bKMA Event Success This past Saturday, the Powell Makerspace held its second open house in celebration of our two year anniversary that
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Success: Powell Makerspace Open House

Sample the Seasons Membership Sale

The Powell Makerspace is participating in this year's Sample the Seasons event held by the Powell Chamber of Commerce.  This
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Sample the Seasons Membership Sale

Makerspace Business Cards

Our new business cards are in! Come by and check out our custom designed business cards and the 3D printed holders.
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Makerspace Business Cards

Royal Game of Ur

This past Thursday and Friday, some Northwest College students came my the Makerspace to the make the board and pieces
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Royal Game of Ur

What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is a community workshop where members of the community can get access to technology and education that might otherwise be unavailable to them.  MakerSpaces have been popping up all across the country as a way to bring technology and creativity together and foster innovation.  Colleges and universities have been adding MakerSpaces to their campuses to provide new resources to their students.

What makes the Powell MakerSpace different?

The Powell Makerspace is an independent, nonprofit organization that strives to bring technology and education to communities of the Big Horn Basin.  The Powell MakerSpace is partnered with AmeriCorps to fight poverty by making technology and education available to those who need it.

Our Mission:

Bring learning, making, and sharing to our community by creating a collaborative, affordable, and inspirational educational environment where people at all stages of life and socio-economic condition can access old and new skill sets, cross-pollinate ideas, and become thoughtful consumers and innovators who build healthy and sustainable communities and businesses.

Our Vision:

Bring together self-directed individuals and teams for self-learning enabling communities to develop organically and families to learn together by providing equipment and access to a network of human capital resources ordinarily out of the reach of individuals. Create an environment for knowledge sharing through both self-selecting courseware offered and taught by the community and directed topics via programming & contests to provide energy and focus to those just ‘tinkering’.

The Makerspace is at its core an effort to invest in the human capital of our community using currency that will be relevant for the next 40 years. We are about 4 major outcomes for the community members of Powell and Park County:

Developing Creativity

Innovation rarely happens in a vacuum. Our space is designed to inspire creativity and innovation based on open access to other projects and directed design challenges related to real world problems. Skill building training sessions will be scheduled to correspond with the design challenge calendar to provide “just in time” learning. Members will learn that real learning isn’t about memorizing facts and figures, but applying creative solutions to problems they’ve never seen before.

Skill Building

Members will have the opportunity to develop specific experience with digital fabrication techniques such as

  • 3d printing
  • Laser cutting
  • Electronic circuitry
  • Robotic designs and operations
  • Software programming (phone apps, programmable logic controllers)
  • Creation wearable technologies (integration of fashion design, electronics, and programming)

Specific learnings include but are not limited to use of

  • CAD/CAM software for 3d printing
  • Laser cutting and engraving
  • CNC milling
  • C/C++ programming for Arduino microcontrollers and the XBOX game console
  • JAVA programming for Android phones
  • Soldering and circuitry design
  • Custom embroidery design and stitch programming (digitizing)

Members will also learn critical life skills such as perseverance, and knowing when and how to ask for help.

Access to Coaching and Consulting

Members will have access to a large number of community members who are willing to share their knowledge and skills in order to give other members the chance for experiences that people in bigger cities take for granted.

Awareness of Impacts

Awareness of the impacts you can make. At the Makerspace, every ‘maker’ counts regardless of age