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At Powell MakerSpace, being a ‘Space’ Cadet doesn’t mean what you think it means. When people sign up to use our spaces, they are choosing to expand their minds by learning new skills. So become a ‘Space’ Cadet or a member today.

Membership Options

Membership Type Monthly Payment Option Quarterly Annual Payment
Individual $30 $80 $320
Family $50 $135 $540
Starving Hacker $20 $60 $220

Take a Trip to the MakerSpace!

Make A Squishy Circuit

Make A Cardboard Cross stitch

Make A 3D Print Puzzle Cube

Make A Laser Cut Notebook Cover

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Other Services

Services Option #1 Option #2
Co-workspace, desk rental Float Desk: $10/mo

Reserved Desk: $20/mo

Reserved Cubicle: $30/mo

Private Office: $150/mo
Conference Room
With Projector
391 square feet
Training Room/Classroom
With Projector
825 square feet
$50/day $30/half day
Storage Closet $5/Month
Commercial Kitchen See Kitchen Details

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