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Co-Work Space

Whether you want a change of scenery or simply just want to get out of the office for a bit, our co-work space is perfect for those of all occupations. You'll have the opportunity to network with other professionals in the area and learn a thing or two about what the MakerSpace has to offer.

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The Multi-purpose Space

This space contains five different project spaces and an upstairs kitchenette. This is where many of our equipment lives, including the 3D printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, and other electronics. Check it out for yourself!

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Heavy Machinery

Whether you're a pro with heavy machinery or have no idea what you're doing, we have people who can help. Pros, you have the opportunity to rent whatever heavy machinery you might need. And not-so-pros, we have people here to teach you about the machinery so you can develop your skills.

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Commercial Kitchen

We are happy to announce that the Powell MakerSpace’s Commercial Kitchen is certified and ready for rent!

The Powell MakerSpace has had the good fortune to set up in what was the Home Economics Cottage for Park County School District #1. Consequently, we have a large commercial kitchen downstairs and an adjacent room that can be used for hosting events. Though it has remained largely unused throughout our first two years, last fall we put a great deal of effort into preparing the kitchen to rent.

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The Board Room

This space is currently set up as a board room and an escape room. Once the board room is moved upstairs it will entirely be used as an escape room. It can currently be rented for meetings but will probably change once the board room has moved.

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The Classroom

This space is built for those who want to learn. Students of all ages come here to learn new skills and develop items they never thought they could.

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