Safety Trained

Safely Operated

The Powell Makerspace takes safety seriously. In order to operate much of our equipment, you must first take a safety class and pass our custom designed safety tests. Come in and get yourself trained to safely operate our equipment!

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3D Printer

Take the basic safety test in order to use the Powell Makerspace’s Printrbot 3D Printers for projects of your own!



Laser Cutter

Raster and vector your own designs onto all sorts of materials once you have successfully pasted Laser Safety!


Wood Lathe

Bowls, pens, handles, and more are at your fingertips once you have completed the safety test for the Powell Makerspace’s wood lathe.



CNC Router

Large scale projects like corn hole boards, tables, and signs take shape with the Powell Makerspace’s CNC Router at your deposal.



CNC Mill

3D Printers are cool, but they just can’t compare, when it comes to practical usage, to a custom CNC Milled part.  Take the safety class to take your custom creation to the next level.

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Ready to get involved, but not yet taken our safety class?  Hop over to our calendar to see what classes are coming and get signed up!