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What is a MakerSpace?

A MakerSpace is a community workshop where members of the community can get access to technology and education that might otherwise be unavailable to them. MakerSpaces have been popping up all across the country as a way to bring technology and creativity together and foster innovation. Colleges and universities have been adding MakerSpaces to their campuses to provide new resources to their students.


What makes the Powell MakerSpace different?

The Powell Makerspace is an independent, nonprofit organization that strives to bring technology and education to communities of the Big Horn Basin. The Powell MakerSpace is partnered with AmeriCorps to fight poverty by making technology and education available to those who need it. The Makerspace is at its core an effort to invest in the people of our community using technology and innovation that will be relevant for the next 40 years.

The Vision for Park County

The Powell Makerspace is a community center for learning and innovation that leverages technology, collaboration, and entrepreneurship opportunities for the Powell Valley. We are about 4 major outcomes for the community members of Powell and Park County:

Developing Creativity

Our space is designed to inspire creativity and innovation based on open access to other projects and directed design challenges related to real world problems. Members will learn that real learning isn’t about memorizing facts and figures, but applying creative solutions to problems they’ve never seen before.

Skill Building

Members will have the opportunity to experience digital fabrication techniques. They'll be able to develop skills in 3D printing, laser cutting, robotic design, software programming, and more. Members will also learn critical life skills such as perseverance, and knowing that it's OK to ask for help.

Access to Coaching and Consulting

Members will have access to a large number of community members who are willing to share their knowledge and skills in order to give other members the chance for experiences that people in bigger cities take for granted.

Awareness of Impacts

At the MakerSpace, every (Maker)Space Cadet counts regardless of age. Here, 'Space' Cadets have the opportunity to make what they want and have an impact on the surrounding community and the communities they'll impact in the future.

Our Mission

For you to accomplish your mission

A fundamental goal of the Powell MakerSpace is to promote the growth of human capital in our communities. As a community center for learning and innovation, we leverage technology, collaboration, and entrepreneurship opportunities in the Big Horn Basin.

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Our Board of Directors

Our Partners & Sponsors

Being a community-oriented MakerSpace, our partnerships are very important to us. Here are the businesses that we team up with.

Park County Library Foundation

Powell Economic Partnership

City of Powell Parks and Recreation Department

TCT West

Northwest College

Park County School District #1

AmeriCorps VISTA

Powell Community Foundation

Powell Valley Community Education

Center for Training and Development

Upcoming Classes

Whether you're a techie interested in learning how to code, or simply interested in learning how to use a tool you've never had access to, we have classes to suit your interests.

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